Creative release stylish and very compact Rhomba branded MP3 players



I just posted the article Creative release stylish and very compact Rhomba branded MP3 players..

  Creative have released a new very compact Digital Audio  Player, the Rhomba .             This player features two LCD displays to make  navigation very simple. The player also features a built...
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128 or 256MB… my dead cat stores more music than that, and he’s still cuddly to touch! seriously, trying to compete with 256MB now is nothing but folly, especially for 200 bucks and, no matter how much companies tries to spin it, 128 kbps mp3s will never ever be anything you can call “high quality” unless of course your only reference is a deaf chimpansee banging two saucepans together while playing a bagpipe with his flatulence enough ranting for today kiddies


I completely agree about the price. I know they are shock resistant, I know they have purty LCD’s, I know they are small and plug right into your usb port. With all of these factors included, they are still too damn expensive. Especially when they just lowered the price of the Nomad Zen to $ 199 and that mo-fo holds 20 GB’s!


Yet another player with no ‘gapless’ playback feature. How annoying when you get a DJ mixed compilation in seperate tracks and suffer with pauses between each track :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure, but I thought that the iRiver MP3 players had a gap-less feature…


Looks cool but where’s the 512MB and 1GB versions :X


I would like to see a picture of that cat :wink: