Creative plugin that sabotages Winamp

I just posted the article Creative plugin that sabotages Winamp.

In the last couple of days we’ve become aware that sabogate etc is everywhere around! Is Creative joining those groups this time? Or is it just coincedence?

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To fix this (I had the prob with minimizing and not maximizing again), first install your create liveware stuff, if you’re lucky everything still works good, if not, get latest winamp (if you didn’t have it) uninstall current one and reinstall, and place your plugins and skins back in the right dir and problem solved, maximizing from tray is posible again ;))

ow yeah, deleting the plugin also works :wink: but the solution i just said just makes that winamp works right again and the plugin is in it as well :wink:

I`ve always hated the PlayCenter Crap…not the first time it gives people greaf… :frowning:

I run both and they don’t give me any problems :slight_smile: