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The $499 Nomad Jukebox lets you bring over 100 hours of MP3 tunes along in a device the size of a portable CD player. Onboard search capabilities make it easy to find…

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906.174 Italian Lire

That’s a lot of money to pay for something that can’t even FF or Rewind.

I knew it’s gonna be suck
1.There are many MP3 CD Players out there for sell for a cheaper price ranging from $200~$350
2.MP3 CD Player can playback not just MP3 CD but also regular Audio CD.
3.A CD these days can contain 650MB to 790MB, it is a lot of songs per CD, right?
4.We all know Hard Drive is pretty sensible to shock and may break down easily before. Is it really safe by carry such expensive device out? Won’t some people try to jack it from you? :wink:
5.Yes, MP3 CD Players are able to Fast forward & Rewind, hope that clears your questions.

7,055,860 Vietnamese Dong
332,649,867 Turkish Lira
2,619.42 Botswana Pula
3,775,314 Lao Kip
883.320 NL Antillian Guilder
11,776,400 Romanian Leu
and so on…
Turkish Lira tops it all!

About the Mp3 cd-player,
there is three good ones avaible at

Their prices, one is 89$, on is 119$, one is 129$…

Some even play VCDs.

Have Fun !¡

This thing is firmware updateable… give it a chance… maybe they will fix in future and add ffw/rew cue capability.

For a real kick-ass player (not portable though, but more practical for home)… check out