Creative labs 12x10x32



I’m having a small problem with my crappy creative labs 1210e. I can make perfect image files, which I can play or whatever with daemon tools (using a virtual cd drive). However, in the burner, these cds cause the burning to rev up and slow down, taking forever to read, and frequently dont read. This problem also happens with older cds, such as freespace 2. Weird eh? any ideas what causes this? I’d say poor media, but the freespace 2 cd isnt a copy.


It happens sometimes, and original discs can be poor quality too you know.


Do you have updated drivers?

Creative Labs this link takes you to the Support Center for your drive… Although I didn’t see anything that described your problem…

There is a firmware update listed 06/14/01 two months old, you should try to update your firmware, even if you bought it yesterday.


sadly enough i already tried to go to creative labs, and there is firmware for a 12/10/32…however even though my drive box says that I have a 1210e. The firmware wont install for me, and they dont even list the 1210e on their drive list. I’m taking it back tomorrow I think. Sucky little thing. Dont buy creative labs.


I have a 1210e as well. There are no firmware upgrades for it as of yet but , the newest nero works for it so does clonecd with burnproof turned off. So far I’ve had lots of success with the daemon tools and clonecd for isoz. this seems to have covered all my bases so far. Hopefully creative will release an upgrade for the LCS6 firmware and it won’t be neccesary to jump thru all these hoops. Hardware-wise this ain’t a bad burner