Creative issues MP3 player firmware to disable FM recording

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   Ever since the first radio cassette recorders hit the market, the vast majority  (if not all) give the ability to tape off the radio.  This feature  remains until today despite how often...
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The way it is going anyone caught on the streets with a modded device will be arrested with no parole on the horizon. Welcome to the corporate today! The move is really idiotic as it was so nice to record a song and then ask around what it was. Its not like radio broadcasts the whole albums together with song lists and graphics. Even if it were so, why bother restricting crappy FM?? To me it is just being pissed paranoid and thus vendictive to their own customers.

Lame, Creative. Lame.

This is paranoia to the nth degree, but what I can’t understand is how the FCC or any judge allows this. And quite right! Who’s going to want to listen to a crappy on-air reproduction of music over and over? This is over-the-top and out of control. If they do this, what’s to stop them from banning any recording device on the basis someone MIGHT use it to infringe? This is insane!

Hmmm, I wonder if folks could get their money back, since the product has been changed from when they bought it. At least, they should receive a monetary adjustment for the loss of an advertised feature. What this action should alert everyone to, is how our fair use rights can be stripped by manufacturers now, even after the sale and with no warning! Welcome to 1984. :d
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I use streamripper32 for mp3 radio recording. You can record mutiple stations at a time. It splits up recordings into individual songs with file names. Some stations are 320 kbit/sec quality. Almost all mp3 players have poor fm reception anyway.:wink:

Sounds like a class action lawsuit ready to happen. :d

Who da hell, wants to record from a FM source?:r What a stupid issue:+ Shame on Creative…:o

The only thing hurting music sales is overpriced rubbish where only one or two good songs exist on a CD for a rip off price, that is what is killing music sales AND THEY KNOW IT. (That and DRM where people can not use the overpriced rubbish they have purchased) Don’t worry because in the next few years they will come undone and so will the Politicians who have taken there dirty money. What they are doing now is actually a good thing because PEOPLE POWER WILL win in the end when more and more people realise what they are doing, (Wait and See) and that is why there will be big changes in the system of Governments also in a number of countries so once again there will actually be Governments listening and working for the People (NOT big rich companies who pay big amounts of monies to corrupt Politicians and Political Parties). After all as they say, “If it is to be it is up to me”. Just wait and see, but most of all exercise your remaining rights before you lose them.

The way I understand it, it’s not against the law to record FM radio, since it’s not a digital rip, hence the so called “millenium act” (e.g. RIAA gives $ to the government and and tell them what to do act) does not apply to this case. Unfortunately, Creative follows the footsteps of Apple and Microsoft and instead of selling cool products, they sell us products that won’t let us do what we want. But we buy them, don’t we? And then we come to bitch about it on internet forums. Shame on us, not on Creative.
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I have a Creative Nano Plus that will record from FM radio. There is a firmware update that says it will remove that. Even though I don’t care to record off FM…I’m keeping that Feature. It also has a line-in that you can hook-up to a CD player or PC or whatever and it will not only record the music / sound, IT WILL ENCODE TO MP3!!! :slight_smile:

This is a great development from Creative. By helping people not to steal, it will benefit both the RIAA and consumers alike. The MPAA will soon have a similar amendment in place for video recorders. Jack

does that mean any of these products that record from fm, can fetch a tidy sum on ebay

CL removed radio play? Fine. Don’t buy their junk. Buy Korean made products like iAudio and iRiver which sound MUCH better anyway, are easily competitive in price and thumb their noses at the RIAA. End of problem.

Jack you do chat some serious sh!t.

Well yes, it’s very serious, hence that’s why I say it.