Creative introduces new Zen player



I just posted the article Creative introduces new Zen player.

Creative has announced the Creative ZEN Mozaic portable media player today, available in pink, black or silver colour. The Mozaic is according to Creative "a bold design…

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1.8 inch screen? Count me out. I’m sure that’s fine for just listening to music, but what about those of us interested in watching video? I’ve tried iRiver Clix, Apple Touch, and Samsung P2 (great audio, BTW). Clix screen is too small, Touch screen has pixelation, P2 was not that great either. Someone needs to come out with a really nice 3 inch OLED screen.


“Someone needs to come out with a really nice 3 inch OLED screen.”

OLED is a Sony product, you wouldn’t buy it would you?:slight_smile:


I hate to burst your fanboy bubble, but Sony did not invent the OLED Eastman Kodak did about 25 years ago.

Having said that- if you want a reason to not buy OLED- then consider how Kodak is poisoning ecveryone they can with thier unchecked discharges of carcinogens! They have given more kids brain cancer than you can imagine and don’t really give a sh*t. And neither did Sen Schumer that kept these “Kodak Cancer Moments” for everyone in his constituancy. Or at least the poor slobs that wre in breathing distance of a Kodak facility.

They have one in my town and they are the biggest pollutrer in the state…or at least they were until digital came along. I think Kodak should be shut down. :a's_pollution1.htm


Thanks for the info, Crabby. I think maybe I’ll steer clear of Eastman Kodak from now on.


This player looks pretty unique with the mozaic pattern quite interesting design. I would think it looks good enough to replace the zen v with longer playtime, bigger screen. Moreover, the casing will be less prone to scratches, less thing to worry about :bigsmile:


yo crabby i now know why your brain cant take sony products u been sitting next to kodak factory tooooo long


LOOOL! Maybe your right. But, I just don’t like the DRM they slid in this product. CSS is about all I can handle. You can keep your HDCP, AACS, ICT, BD+ and HDMI compliance issues, just to watch a movie. I give it 2 big thumbs down- way down :bigsmile: