Creative Inspire 5500 or 6700? Differences?

Allright I’m also looking for a new speakerset.

I found these two:

  • Creative Inspire 5500 5.1 Digital 5x6W+1x18W RMS @ €180.00
  • Creative Inspire 6700 6.1 5x8W+1x20W+1x22W RMS @ €125.00

How come that the 6700 (which has one more speaker and higher outputs) is € 55 cheaper then the 5500.

You should think the 6700 should be the expensive one?

Reviews anyone? Gonna look for reviews myself, but if anyone knows some please post a link.

I don’t think the 6700 support a digital output signal, just analog. That would probably be why the 5.1 digitals are more expensive. Since the 5.1 set is digital, the sound quality is supposed to be better

If you ask me, buying today non digital speakers is a waste of money. the 6700 set doesn’t support digital output signal. the only advantage they have is an extra rear center speaker, which you will only be able to take advantage of if you own an Audigy 2. the 5500 does support SPDIF, which means you will watch your DVDs in a whole different sound level.
however, compared with the far superior and IMO the best digital speaker set Creative are offering at the moment, the 5700, they lack a lot in the functionality level.
don’t get me wrong, the 5500 is a very good value-for-money digital speaker set, but make sure you check Creative speaker forums to get an idea of the problems people had with the 5500
hope it helps a bit :bigsmile:

I’ve got the 5500 and I’ve got no problems with it. I plugged it in my Creative Extigy (digital output) and the soundquality is very good. There’s only 58watt coming out of the whole soundsystem but with my Extigy the sound is boosted and it’s now too loud :wink:

A good mix 5500+extigy :wink:

I don’t have too much money to spend and I’m gona buy a bulk “Audigy 2” and a 5100. I’ve played music mith some old 4.1 analog Creative speaker and they sounded far better than what anyone would expect, so I don’t know how the 5100, the 5500 or any other better ones can sound bad .

If you have too much money, give ME some and I’ll spend it on better things than some realy expensive speakers in witch I dought your super tunned ears can tell any difference :bigsmile:
If what you need is loudness, go to the cinema; if you need quality, buy yourself some ears.
And if you need Dolby Digital… buy yourself the Creative 5100. Anything else is Show-off
Ciao! :smiley: