Creative firmware



Does any know if its posible to update the the firmware of a creative drive? and if it is how can I do so...

My Drive has firmware problems with clone CD... also if there's any way to overclock it!



Creative do not offer firmware upgrades.

if you know the real manufacturer you may be able to flash it with firmware from the real manufacturer.

Note that this voids your warranty.

What drive is it? and what problems are you having and what is the firmware version?


this is my CRW:

creative cd-rw rw8432E!

according to Clone CD I need this firmware: 1.07

that’s what I got from the clone cd help!


I’ve the same problem, my drive don’t work with clone cd.

exist a firmware for this problem?

thanks in advance


Creative 8432E and RW8433E is most likely not the same drive!

btw I found version 1.09 for the creative 8432E here.

This one is newer than version 1.07 and now the drive will work with CloneCD :slight_smile:


My mate has the same drive and its not compatable with clone, does anybody know the real maker of this drive.
eg:sony,Ricoh,phillips ?

Regards Ukunz.:bow:



you can see this page :



Take a look here

I used to have a Creative RW 1210E (like the one @ that site), which I made a whole lotta coasters with when using CloneCD.
Then some later I managed to convert it into LiteOn 12101B having flashed it with LS38, but the problem with CloneCD remained the same.
Just don’t waste your time and buy a new drive - the 40x LiteOns are nowadays pretty much affordable.

btw, Creative were very hard to admit (otherwise obvious) things like the drive was a rebadged Litey but I finally succeeded to pull out that out of their mouth :
Dear Customer
Here is all of the information on this drive:
RW1210E = Lite-On LTR-12101B 12/10/32 IDE


hey Guys…

Thanks for the links I got the firmware update…

so far I haven’t got any problem with clone cd… let’s hope it keeps that way…




so was anyone able to overclock a creative rw1210e
which from previous posts is a liteon 12101b?


Do you really see what you read :confused:


all i’ve auctually seen so far is may or maynot be possible,
in the other thread where it list different model types…
i just wanted to know if anyone could confirm this.
i know i can flash it to be a liteon, as stated in this thread. but i have yet to see anyone say they have auctually oc one… so back to my question. has anyone auctually oc a 12101b and if so up to what?


Sorry for delay !
The answer is here