Creative drive problems

I searched the forums and couldn’t turn anything up so if its been posted, apologies in advance.

Here’s my problem: 3438E.

Anyone who has owned, does own, has seen, has someone that owns one etc. will know my problems. The burner I have is a Creative CD-RW 3438E. I had a lot of problems getting it to work on XP, and I had even more problems getting any cd writing software to recognize it as a burner. I eventually got that problem fixed and had my burner working peachy with Nero 5.x but recently I upgraded to Nero 6 and once again the drive doesn’t work. Creative has basically abandoned this drive and tech support(hahaha…) will put you on hold for hours if you’ll listen that long. I’m trying to salvage this drive and still use it, but I am at a loss for drivers/firmware. Creative offers no online support or information and when I google for this drive all I get are complaints from owners in similar situations.

My currrent driver:

provider: Microsoft
date: 7-1-2001
version: 5.1.2535.0

can anyone help me with drivers, tricks, ANYTHING to get this working again? any help would be awesome and I would really appreciate it.

If you need anymore information, let me know. Also if you could include how to find it, that would also be awesome :bigsmile:.

also if this forum is not the best place, forgive me mods.

… its amazing how dumb i can be. i apologize again. the model number is the creative 8438E. again: creative 8438E.

so sorry.

Which chipset does your motherboard have? Do you have the Microsoft IDE drivers installed, or do you have the drivers supplied by the motherboard vendor installed?