Creative Compatibility

I have a Creative 121032 E which is the rebadged Plextor. I was just wondering if it would work with CloneCD since CloneCD supports the plextor.

Crash, it is on the Clone cd list as fully supported.So it should work…no problems.SD2 will probably only play in the Creative(Plextor).You are lucky to get the Plextor rebadge.Hope that helps.

What is the creative 121032E equal to? A Plextor 121032A? I’m not sure what model it is a rebadge of.

It is the Plextor 121032A rebadge.The id string is changed to a Creative.

The new Creative Liteons show up as the 1210E in the device manager with firmware LSC6( if I remember correctly).

Cool. Thanks woody, you’ve helped a lot.