Creative cdrw 4224e



i am having trouble with my “creative cd-rw 4224e” drive. it recognizes cd’s when i put them in but i cannot seem to burn any cd’s. Whenever i put a blank cd in the cd drive it will say that there is no burner. Can someone please tell me if there is a driver for this or a firmware update i must get and if so, please send me a link or post a file download. or possibly a torrent. Or if there is another way to fix this problem, i would like to know. Thanks.


Try to remove your CD-RW burner from you computer IDE Controller and then reboot your computer and let the windows find the drive and install it then try to burn may be that helps.


No burner? - do you mean no CD?

Did it work before, these drives have one common failure mode, where they work as readers, but create an “unburned burn”.

Which OS, and which burning software?

If using CD-RW, it MUST be low speed, and very few CD-RW brands work satisfactily with this drive.

Which firmware is it?

I have an old and badly maintained page
On the JVC 2080/4080 based drives that I believe this is (I actually have a half-complete update, but lost interest when I retired the drive some time ago).

Some links are dead, but I should still have archives of the more interesting firmwares - the latest JVC and Creative.

One other issue - the drive can only be flashed on Win9x - the flash programs do not work on 2K or XP

Firmware download still available from Creative