Creative CDR-W problems with psx backups?


I have a cdr-w from creative and it writes and burns fine...except for psx games. I am using nero 4.0 and i have also tried cdrwin 3.7e...i am using gold and tdk disk. Can someone give me some feedback on what could be going wrong please? What settings should I have the programs on. Thank you in advance!



The Creative/Memorex/Smart & Friendly/Traxdata/Mitsumi “4224” model is crap. It’s made by JVC, and it doesn’t burn the discs properly. I’d suggest returning it.

However, I came across another option that might help you. Check out this page. If it works for you (lets your games boot), let me know…

The Ultimate How-To Guide for Copying PlayStation Games -


Thank you carter for your advice…even though my burner burns music fine it tics me off that the psx games dont burn properly…thats one of the main reasons why i bough it…! I should have done my research! Take it easy!