Creative CD4020E speed problem

hi guys,i felt that my Creative CD4020E is so slow reading CDs (originals and backups) . its speed is supposed to be 40X.i tested it using NeroSpeed,and the results were really shocking!!
it started reading at about 9.15X and ended reading at 6.98X
i tested the same CD with my Plex PX W-4012A,and the results were that it started reading at 19.18X and finished at 40.40X

i’m running on 500 MHZ PIII machine with 128 MBs of RAM using the OS Windows XP.

anyone had a similar problem ? or know of a good solution?

thanks alot.

First of all … were you reading or ripping ?

There might be a problem with the DMA. Sometimes XP doesn’t has the DMA settings correctly for your IDE device.

If that might be the case check here on how to solve that.

thanks alot dude!
i forgot about the DMA settings,thought XP will do it all okay,just like what it did with the CDwriter.
speed still don’t reach 40X,but no problem,at least it starts reading cd’s at about 19X and reaches 30X,also goes down again,but much better than before.the drive is old so this might be another problem .

much appreciated!