Creative CD-RW 1210E



I know, that this drive is identically with the LiteOn cd-rw drive, but the Creative drive I have doesn’t work with cloneCD, CDRWin… So I wanted to know, if i can flash the creative drive with the liteon firmware…


I thought Creative used plextor drives or am I wrong…


You aren’t really wrong, because the CD-RW 121032E is a Plextor drive, but the 1210E is a LiteOn drive.


I’d by the other one then ;o)


by?? I guess u mean buy :slight_smile:
Hmmz I’m never at this part of the forum… …let’s do that when ADSL is in my house :stuck_out_tongue:


actually clonecd works fine withthis burner, you just have to turn off burnproof when you burn


you have to have the latest clonecd tho