Creative burner info, anyone?



does anyone know what brand and model of cd burner creative used for its burner? i'm looking for info on these burner..
cx 4224
cx 6424
cx 8432

they are all creative burner..


CDR2000 (=Ricoh RS1060C) 2x2 512KB SCSI
CDR2224 (=JVC XR-W2080) 24x2x2 2MB IDE
CDR4210 (=Panasonic CW-7501) 4x2 1MB SCSI
CDR4224 (=JVC XR-W4080) 24x4x2 2MB IDE
CD Studio (=???) 24x4x4 2MB IDE
CDR6424 (=Ricoh 7060A) 24x6x4 2MB IDE
CDR8432 (=Sony CRX140E)

Creative Writers don’nt score to well as a whole, do to the fact that they correct errors when duping copy protected disks.
(correcting errors is not a good thing in this case)
One note: the Sony CDX140e is the same mechinism for the HP9110i which does very well at not correcting, I’m not sure of the Ricoh drive. Anyone???

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