Creative brings DVD-Audio to the PC with 24-bit/192kHz Quality

I just posted the article Creative brings DVD-Audio to the PC with 24-bit/192kHz Quality.

Creative has issued a press release to announce their new Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound cards. Normally we don’t post about sound cards, but the latest models of Creative have some intresting…

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Don’t forget about their new and fun DRM support! :-r I’m glad I didn’t buy a Creative SB Live!/Audigy/2 after all.

DVD-Audio encryption & copy protection is much stronger than that of DVD-Video. I remember when DVD-Audio was said to be never released or made compatible for PCs. Also, until DVD-Audio players came out with encyrpted digital ports (requiring suitable speakers), all previous players only had analogue outs. :frowning: The closest thing I will get to DVD-Audio are Music Video DVDs as they are compatible with existing DVD players and I’m happy with Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio.