Creative Audigy & Win2k: conflict


I’ve done quite some efforts on this issue and I think I’m almost there. Here’s my problem:

A few weeks ago, I added a spare SB Audigy to my system. I was about to reinstall the OS, so I thought I’ll do some testing first with the audigy. And it didn’t work. No driver conflicts or IRQ-issues, but just very annoying noise problems. Whenever I played an mp3 while using ANY other program (even explorer) was enough to produce “clicks” in the songs.

My first idea was, it had to be an IRQ-conflict after all. There where 3 soundboards in the system (SB-Live, SB128 (mobo) and the Audigy). So I did an OS reinstall, without the SB-live. Previously, the system worked perfectly with the SB-Live and SB128, so I was thinking it would do so with the Audigy as well. No joy. On a clean system, with all latest drivers, the same problem came back. The noise appeared on both soundcards (after selecting them for playback, one at the time)
So I had only one option and disbaled the onboard PCI128.
Yet again: no joy. Even after removing all drivers and reinstalling, the noise did not go away.

So it had to be the Audigy… Removed it from the PC and enabled the onboard. And yes indeed: no more noise…

Now, what could be the reason that it does not work with the Audigy? A conflict between the Audigy and other hardware I guess, but which? Anyone who had similar experiences?

edit: exact specs are in sig