Creative announces 32GB flash media player

I just posted the article Creative announces 32GB flash media player.

Creative Technology Ltd. introduced the world’s first 32GB flash memory-based portable media player with the latest version of Creative ZEN, the credit card-sized music, video and photo player with a…

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Such a shame that Creative continue to produce players that won’t let you just copy the audio files to the player. Have to use either Windows Media Player or Creative’s software instead. :frowning: Come on, even Sony has seen the light.

That’s odd. I started recommending Creative’z Zen and Muvo flash players because they can be accessed as USB storage device. I’ve seen at least two that work that way, as well.

It looks like a great product. I already have a zen micro which I think is great. The only problem with this product (and the reason that it will fail) is that its name is not ipod.