Creative announced the Nomad Muvo TX - a new MP3-USB-Stick

I just posted the article Creative announced the Nomad Muvo TX - a new MP3-USB-Stick.

 Creative announced a  new MP3-USB-Stick, the Nomad Muvo  TX. It's the successor of the Nomad Muvo NX and has all its features plus an  USB 2.0 interface. You can choose between a 128, a 256...
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All flash-based MP3 players have become a bit academic in relation to the iPod mini. Let’s say the 512Mb model costs € 250 (=£ 165). The mini, with 4Gb will cost £ 190 - 200 when it gets here in April. That’s an extra 3.5Gb for £ 25-35. No contest really.

but if price in regards to space is your main worry, buying an iPod would be your last choice.

According to an online company “the NOMAD MuVo TX with 512MB, will ship in March 2004 at an estimated street price of $ 499 USD” :r

Here, I’ll shoot that argument down. Creative has a Muvo2 that’s 4GB, cost $ 199 (US). The added advantage is that the memory is a microdrive…meaning its a hard drive in the compactflash format, which can be removed from the player, and used in digital cameras or other devices supports compactflash. The memory along is worth the price of the player. Lets see…after conversion, you’ll be overpaying by £83 - £93.
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Well I dont really know about the MuVo TX, but I do have the Creatives first version of the MuVo and those were NOT “High Quality Earphones”. In fact they were so bad I had to buy some other headphones.

Most mp3 players come with cheap earphones. Very few provide any quality ones.