Creative 4.4.24 writer



How can i make backups of psx games with a creative 4.4.24 writer(blaster).
I am using Nero 4.7.5 (latest version).I have tried several other programs and i have always bad copy’s


What do you me by bad copies ? They don’t copy or they don’t play ?


I am afraid the burner u have bought is a bunch of shit!!! I have it on good authority from several back up sites that this drive in particular cannot make PSX back ups, it refuses to make an accurate image of a PSX CD. It seems that Creative Labs have put something in the drive Firmware that reconises a PSX CD and then garbles the image. It is sold by fraud to claim that this drive can back up data, it is no more than a music CD creator. My advise is sell this drive and get a Yamaha or Hewlett Packard Writer instead. If u need any more info e-mail me. Good Luck!

Ch5 Micky