Creative 1210e

after change the firmware, my creative 1210e is a lite on 12101b with firmware ls38…
i tried to upgrade with ls3j firmware but i can’t…
some suggestion?

I believe there was some changes to this model during production. I own an early LTR12101B myself, and my drive refuses the latest firmwares from Liteon. The newest I have been able to flash is LS23.
But as long as the drive works flawlessly, there is really no need to flash to a newer version…:cool:
I think that only the latest of these drives will take the newest firmwares.
I think and believe, but we will know for sure once OC-freak is back from the funny farm! :smiley:
Do you have any problems with your drive, BTW?

i can’t make copies on the fly… :frowning: