Creative 1210e

I have a creative 1210e and i can’t copy with clonecd. Is this drive compatible with clonecd? Is there a special setup for this drive? if you can help me, please send me a messege. Thanks, and sorry my english.

Disable the BURN-proof option of your drive. CloneCD will not write in RAW mode when your drive’s BURN-proof is on. You can find a list of supported writers over at

with burn proof disable clonecd make a copy that can’t be read in any drive… :confused:

With Creatives 1210e firmware LCS6 DAO-RAW isn’t supported. So you must use SAO RAW when you try to burn with CloneCD. You can make copies of SD1 and SD2 (with AWS) and some other protection schemes with this mode, but you can’t make copies of securom and laserlock protected games.

Creative 1210e is a rebadged Lite On 12101B. If you can get a DOS vers. of firmware LS38 you can use PKFLASH in dos to make your drive a LITE ON with DAO RAW support.

It’s your choice, you can of course make your drive useless with a flash failure. But that was a risk I was willing to take, and now I have a Lite On. It works, trust me. But again if anything goes wrong…Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the risks…