Creative 1210E writes an empty cd but CLONECD says completed writing successfully

Hi guys

I have this problem with CloneCD since version up to the latest version of

CloneCD says that the cd has been copied successfully but I get an empty cd with only the same name labled as the orignal cd I copied from. And I checked the properities of the disk and the windows properties said 0 mb free. but also said that the cd contains 0 bytes of information. If I’m using a CD-RW disk I also can’t seem to erase the cd-rw after that.

I heard that sometimes this problem can be solved by upgrading the firmware. Can someone tell me where I can find the firmware for the Creative CD-RW 1210E model? Thanks in advance

this is firmware for your creative cd-rw drive :slight_smile:

for users running windows 98/me

Creative CD-RW Blaster 121032E this is the drive u have right?
if it is then this is tha firmware for it, version 1.08 :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile: