Creative 121032 Vs Plextor

Looking at G@M3FR3@K 's Ultra handy Safedisk 2 page
( ) it appears that the creative drive is based on a plextor.

whats this mean exactly ? what is different ? what is the same ?
can i use the firmware for the plextor on the creative and get myself a plextor ?

will the drive be detected as a plextor ?

any other info would be much appreciated.
does anyone own one of these drives ?
are they anygood ?


I myself am the proud owner of the Plex1210a and am very happy with it. It has never, no never given me a coaster!!! And I lost count how many I already did with it! (over 400 that’s for sure!)
Don’t know anything about the Creative drive. If it has some Plex body parts in it then I think it would be the laser, body and that kind of stuff! Don’t think the fw of a Plex will work on a Creative drive… but you never know! :stuck_out_tongue:

It confuses me too… The Plextor 1210A is reported not to do SD2 back-ups (some exceptions with FW 1.4) but the Creative was reported to do it eventhough it’s based on the same Plextor… Weird but I haven’t been able to get more info on this matter.

If you really want a Plextor (ans let’s face it, these writers are thé best) that can do SD2 wait for the 24x model. This will do SD2 according to Olli (CloneCD creator).

Sorry I can’t me more of help to you :frowning:

Plextor did make some OEM drives for creative. But when U do a firmware from plex on your creative. I think it’s risky! Keep the firmware from creative. Otherwise ask the guys from CloneCD because they know a lot of CD drives!!!

Good luck…

using a plex firmware on a creative drive (although manufactured by plextor) is a VERY BAD idea!

Make sure u don’t use plex firmware on the creative or on any other drive unless it has plextor on the front.Go for the plex 24x mine breezes through SD2 games and it’s so quiet compared to my plex 12/10/32A.:cool:

Dont ask me,i aint all there

Actually there are several versions of the Creative drive, one is a Plextor and one is a Lite-on. If you have the one that people say are “based” on a Plextor then you have a Plextor. They are the same drive, the only difference is the printing on the faceplate. The TDK and Iomega 12/10/32 drives are also Plextors, I know, I have one PLextor12/10/32, one TDK 12/10/32, and two Iomega 12/10/32s and they are all exactly the same drive. Beware, the later Iomegas were Sanyos.

There is no such thing as a Plextor OEM drive or a drive that is based on a Plextor, there are only Plextor drives. I spoke with a tech rep at Plextor and he told me without really telling me that they made these drives. The only difference between these drives is the printing on the faceplate (well, on the TDK the whole faceplate and tray are different but the rest of the drive is all Plextor), and the ID sting that the drive reports to the BIOS and the OS. All the firmwares from these companies are based on Plextors with the ID string changed…you see where this is going.

You CAN use a Plextor firmware on any of these drives as long as the ID string of the drive has been changed. To learn how to do this go to for an explanation. There are also files you can download to change the ID strings of your drives, except for the Creative drive, but I would bet if you got in contact with the webmaster he would write the program for you, I asked him for the TDK one.

I have succesfully changed the ID strings on my two Iomegas and then used the latest firmware from PLEXTOR on them. I then benchmarked each of these drives using CDSpeed99. Both had identical mirror image reports of my “Plextor boxed” Plextor. I have not done the TDK because they keep up with Plextor on the firmaware revisions, but I think I will soon to take advantage of the multiburner support showing up in all of our favorite burning ROMs.

The latest batch of Creative 12x burners are rebadged Lite-on 12101b’s and it was only the first few were Plextor to bate people…lol

If it’s a lite-on 12101b these are not supposed 2 do SD2,it was the 12102b with 8MB buffer which could,and yes they can i’ve got one. :cool:

Dont ask me,i aint all there