Creating working protected CD copies

Hi, I’m Krasimir from Bulgaria.
Recently, I’ve bought as much as 3 dictionaries on CD, they have no installation, and they (supposedly…) run only with the original CD inserted in the CD drive. Although I’ve managed to fuck this around, using Daemon Tools, I’m still unable to make a single working backup copy of these 3 CDs (all made by the same company, using the same protection, I suppose), for which I paid a lot of money. Somebody please instruct me how to do it, I’ve been doing my best for months, and I’m as far as the beginning :slight_smile:
I’ve tried CD Mate, Clone CD, Nero, I replaced my CD Writer with a newer one (older one was HP, now I have Sony CRX220E1), to no avail. And the worst thing is that I don’t know why. Why the copies are 1:1 (or are they?) and then they won’t run? I get no error messages during copying, all programs tell me “successfully finished” and then I get another useless copy. Please, help. Thank you :slight_smile:

Use a protection scanner like Clony and check for the protection that the CDs are using. Once you get that,it will be easier getting the settings right in CCD or any other software and make a successful backup.

Post back with your findings… :wink:

Well, I wasn’t able to exactly find out what the protection is, perhaps because Clony comes up in too narrow a window, what I could read was SecuROM new V…, 6 skulls.
Beats me what it could possibly mean :). Now what?

Try downloading prot_version.exe form the site in my sig and use it to find the exact Securom version

I tried to download prot_version.exe, I did it in a second. Then when I tried to run it, Windows came up with “it’s not a valid Win32 application”
What should I do?
I tried with Clony, transferred the settings to CCD but at the end of the burning the result was the same - CD won’t start…