Creating weak/bad sectors & disabling folders

Hi all,

I need to know 2 things.

  1. How can i create weak/bad sectors on a CD?

  2. How can i disable folders, recently i got a VCD when i tried to view the MPGAVI dir to get the .dat file, i could not access the dir it said it was invalid… but the VCD played perfectly … (It had its own player, so i could play it on the computer, it also played well on the player etc…)

Any inputs please… !!



First, don’t post the same questions to more than one forum.

Second, use the search engine first, then ask if you didn’t find anything. First
question has already been answered completely.

Sorry Spath.

I did not quite understand how do go about with it. I did search quite thats the reason why the multiple post came in. Could i know if there is any software which i can use to create/add them.

Also comming to my second question of disabling folders any update on that.

Thanks & sorry once again


Try Question 2 in the General Software forum.

Also, do you per chance have AutoPlay enabled?
What Hardware are you using, particularly your optical drives?


Will post Q2 in the other forum. I have autoplay enabled and using a CD/DVD LG 52x drive and a CD writer LG 32x/10x/52x



For question 1:

Go at this location:

and download the