Creating wavs from cds


this is probably a stupid question to ask but, how would you go about creating a wav file from an audio cd in your cd rom drive? any help is gratefully apreciated.



By using a program with a cd writer that can transform .wav files into a music cd.

Luckily almost any self respecting cd writing program can do that.

most can do mp3’s as well


Ok this also might sound like a daft question - why would you want to create a wav when the cd you got is alredy in wav format ? or have i got you wrong.
i could understand if you wanted to convert to mp3 from wav to place on your harddrive to save space.
Or if you was doing a backup you would do a straight copy.

Or do you require help on how to convert them full stop ?from one format to another .:slight_smile: Were here to help you mate…
Remember if you create wavs to you hardrive you will eat space very fast ok…
Just a suggestion if your new try CDEX program its fairly simple to use…

Try using Exact Audio Copy (EAC). Just install and start the program (newer versions add a software wizard that sets up your CD devices), then insert your audio CD. Highlight one or more of the tracks and choose Action -> Copy Selected Tracks -> Uncompressed -> choose location to extract to…Voila!

NOTE: check out the EAC & Drive options within the program itself, as well as the FAQ on the official website.


the cds i have tried must be write protected or something, as the tracks all appear as read only files not as wavs. i found a solution though at its called a freeware app called acdripp and it just extracts the track from the cd. thanks for your help.



everytime i loaded an audio cd into the cd rom drive, the tracks appeared as read only files. i managed to find and app, acdripp 1.0 at and this extracted the tracks into wav files. thanks for the help.