Creating Virtual Drives and Game/CD/DVD Images?

Sup ya’ll, yeppers!!! My first official post here!!!

Anyway, what I would like to get some input from all you is what is the best software to purchase for:

  1. Creating complete 1:1 images to hard drive or copies (w/ protection i.e. SecureRom, LaserLock, etc.) of GAMES, or CDs/DVDs.

  2. Creating Virtual Drives (these would be virtual drives that appear as drive letters after original C: D: drives like a virtual [E:], [F:], [G:], etc. drive) to mount the created image that resides on hard drive.

Software packages that I have found to do this are:

I would like to purchase one of these but would like some feedback first, with which ones you found to be best if experience with these. Also would like information like what the exact number of how may virtual drives you may be able to go up to, and if the software offers both solutions.

I would like to setup my system in the same fashion Internet/Gaming Cafes do. And am going to be setting up other machines the same way when I build them or for customers.


Alcohol 120% for me.

Can copy everything (i think) to be used on virtual drive. For 1:1 copies on CD/DVD you will need roughtly 3 drives and 4 or 5 different programs to get the best copies for each protection.

Alcohol can have up to 26 virtual drives at once I believe.

CloneCD at present has removed the V-Drive from there program. Unless you are using an older copy.

Someone did some testing on GameXCopy (sorry for forgeting who you are) and basically found out that it is a bad program. It needs alot of updates to become anything like the top three. Stay away from this one.

Don’t know any real info on the others.

I’d go for Alcohol. It has some good emulation options, it is a burning application, and has a virtual drive.