Creating unreadable blocks and fake toc on DVD+R

If I reverse engineer a dvd-writer firmware, will I be able to create erroneous sectors?
What about toc, lets say I burn 1GB data and place a toc saying its just 100mb data ?
Will I have control over those 2 things?

Im looking for info on dvr-111, what cpu does it uses? does it uses a crypted firmware? any tools for working on this drive firmware?

By looking at your earlier posts and reading this one the idea behind all this seems obvious to me: To create console backups and cheat copy-protections for that… nothing I’d help you with. :rolleyes:

By looking you earliers post I can see you are a smart ass, dude, you cannt cheat any copy protection with toc and unreadable blocks. You better dont assume too much if you dont have a clue of how those things works. Play nice man.

Bad luck that you were catched…

Yeah you must know about CP too much since this site even have a site that teachs how to clone legal software/games/whatever, I guess in your book thats ok but as software developer that sucks dude.
What I want to do is nothing console related and please can you point me any post that I mention something as retarded like that?

I dont know why there are too much rush to point people here, Im interested in investing time on doing a firmware hack, if you dont want anyone beside you doing that then be a man and say it directly and stop acting as mr “nice retarded guru”.
All I want is an starting point , not everyone have access to datasheet of those nec controllers.

It’s [I]caught[/I] btw, [B]chef[/B] :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, it would also be very interesting to me whether copy protected CDs and DVDs can be “home-made”…