Creating unburnable cd's

hi im wanting to sell some pron on cd’s to 4 mates and don’t want them to copy the pron onto each other’s computers… anyone know any want to make the files uncopyable but openable to watch, and to make the cd unburnable?



ps feel free to pm or email me: if you have ANY ideas

Do a search on ‘Create AND Copy AND protection’ on this forum, I think you will find quite some information on this subject.

Doubt you will be able to make the separate files uncopyable, but you can at least make it harder to copy the discs.

But I assume you want to sell porn, I trust you have the copyright to the files, or else you are partaking in illegal activities and those are far from welcome on this forum (porn in itself is of course not illegal, provided that the people in it are over 18)

Check this thread out

of course it’s legal
hell pron’s legal… all chicks are 18 or over


is porn legal too?