Creating simple DVD-Video

I’m trying to figure out the simplest way to create a DVD. The DVD would be nothing fancy, just a bunch of captured video clips. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The ideal solution would look like this:

  • I have a bunch MPEG clips in a directory.

  • I start a script (or simple program) that results in a DVD with all the clips included.

  • Being able to specify a title for the DVD and chapter titles would be nice but not necessary.

What I would ideally like to do is to be able to tell someone to load a blank DVD and then start this program (or script). When it’s done, they eject the DVD and go on their merry way.

The idea is a simple one step process to dump all the clips to DVD without requiring someone to manually author the DVD. If there’s one product that can do this that’s great. Alternatively it could be a series of applications that can be strung together to accomplish the same thing.

I’m also open to writing my own custom application. Will the Nero SDK/API work?

Any ideas?