Creating simple DVD data backup

Apologies in advance for my probably stupid question! I have an NEC dvd burner which I can copy miovies on etc no problem but I would just like to be able to burn data to blank discs (DVD-R). These are mainly photos, game saves, word docs etc. With my CD burner I just dragged and dropped the filed in windows explorer and just clicked write Data CD (or words to that effect!).
That doesn’t work with DVDs (though it seems my DVD burner will burn CD-Rs this way)
What obvious mistake am I making! :doh:

Cheers, Liam.

Try DeepBurner. It’s free burner software. It’s much better than the built in Windows burning engine. If you want to backup and restore important files check out Here. make sure you grab a copy of ImgBurn too.

Thanks, I’ll try the deepburner software. Does XP not have standard DVD burning built in then?

XP by default, does but its not ideal to use.

Its likely if you bought your PC with a DVD-RW drive you have some other sort of burning software, like Nero.

But if not, try ImgBurn.

Ah! Any idea how to get it to work?! I bought my drive OEM so don’t have NERO but will go with your advice!

. I thought the Win routines were CD-only, but it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong. I’d be interested in finding out how to burn data DVDs with Win, also.
. I use an older version of Nero Express that came with a drive for data DVDs, but there are many freeware apps available that will do what you want. Try the software forums. I stumbled across a real nice software reviews/download links section on CDF, but haven’t seen it lately.

You’re not wrong this time as XP doesn’t have in-built support for DVD writing.

Thanks for link for deepburner sikoon gonna give it a try.

DeepBurner’s fine, but I must warn you that it doesn’t do disc-to-disc copies (which annoyed me a bit). :slight_smile: