Creating separate files from DVD



I have a set of Region 2 / PAL DVD’s that I removed the RCE coding from, each of which is now copied to my hard disk. Nero Vision will convert the PAL to NTSC, but in doing so it will not preserve the original menus. So, I want to extract each of the segments (roughly a 30 minute TV episode) from the VOB files and create a separate file for each episode. I will then use Nero Vision to create my own menu and burn.

I did this once successfully for one disc, but I am not sure how I did it! When I add vidoe content from my HD, Nero asks me if I want to combine the files (I have tried it both ways) but I seem to get either one giant file will all the episodes commingled, or else I get one file per VOB. Can somebody clue me in as to which of the VOB files (or IFO files) I need and which I import to get the desired result?


You will have to run it through nero recode or dvd shrink ,if you don’t have recode. you have to run it through once for each part you want separated. Use the start here and end here for each time and save each to hhd, then make your dvd. And don’t let nero join them so you can make menu for each. Good Luck!!