Creating RAR-files


I’ve just started backing up my DVD’s. I’m creating an image-file (.img) to burn it. No problems with this.
What I have questions about is how to make a “proper” rar-archive from the .img-file. I want to split it up into parts (like .r00, .r01, .r02…). I tried to do this today and I managed to compress the .img-file, but I suspect there is something wrong with the RAR-archive. I admit that I haven’t fully tested it yet cause it takes a LOT of time, so I figured it might be smartest to ask here first.
My compressed .img-file(“Gladiator”) turns out like this:
…and so on
And that’s all.

Now to my question:
Should it not be a file called “gladiator.rar”? I’m pretty certain that I should have this file, or am I totally misunderstanding?
So, can anyone please answer this one, and tell me how to create that file? I’m using WinRAR.

I repeat my question: Am I missing a file with the .rar-extension?

Thanks for all help on this one! (if I get any :slight_smile: )

Originally posted by marflo

I repeat my question: Am I missing a file with the .rar-extension?

Not necessarily…
It is very likely that this archive is ok (I am certain it is actually).

Yes Tax is right they done away with the first file being called a .rar file now they are just .r00 .r01 and so on.

I thought it was a personal preference as to how you name the initial file - but it makes is slightly easier to have the first file at the top rather than at the end of a large collection of files.

I would always check any compressed files for errors. If you have the time, it also pays to make 1 or 2 par2 files for a large collection of multimedia files so that if cdr/dvdr problems occur in the future due to marks, dye problems, whatever, you can burn the par2 files to the medium with the rar files so that you can recover any files in the future.

Remember, a par2 file can recover any lost bits of any files dependant on the corruption and par2 set.

the old style naming of winrar was r01 etc ending in .rar

since winrar 3 you can also end it in part01.rar all the way til the end of the archive, winrar 3 and above will let you choose which way of naming you want

One item almost everyone seems to ignore about WInRar is one of it’s best feaures:

–> be sure to go to your options and set it to create a “recovery record”, … 1% will do for most nees.

Then if a file gets corrupted, you can recover it with the repair feature.

It beats making an SFV so you can find out a file is corrupted, but can’t do anything about it.