Creating Psx iso files?

Heya guys… i tried searching the forum on creating an iso file from a playstation one game cd

heres the software im currently using.

nero 6.6
wincdr 4.0b

Where would i start out? is there any other software you reccomend for creating an iso/img file from a ps one cd?

thanks in advance

why not try using that software see what results yuo get. cds are inexpensive anyhow.

also noticed alcohol120 has a ps and ps2 profile

I tried that… also… since i posted… i installed clone cd…

now… when i select read image from cd (i THINK thats what its called) then select game cd (non pc game)

as its creating the image, it shows a bunch of errors in the log… i believe the errors said "bad sector at 21923 to 22093 (or something similar) it did this several times…

also… i bought the game used from electronics boutique, and the cd wasnt in that great of a condition… so i resurfaced it with dvd dr… its playable through cd rom with epsxe 1.6…

after a while (areound 28-28 minutes) it got stuck around 93-95% so i cancelled the image read processs… however… i played the img file itself with epsxe, and it seemed to run fine… i only played it for about 15-20 minutes though. what possible problems could arise from cancelling the read prematurely?

file size is 663 mb (the img file)
theres also a .cue and .sub file as well