Creating parent and daughter menus in Nero Vision Express 3

Using Nero Vision Express 3 to create some DVD movies. Very nice program in general. Transcodes AVIs okay. Burns nicely.

I have some questions about DVD authoring in general and menus and sub-menus in particular.

It appears that it should be possible to create a Parent Play-the-whole-movie menu with one button that would play the show. The menu would, in theory, also provide a link to the Chapter Menus via, perhaps, the green carrot.

But when I make Chapters, and then select Title and Chapter Menus the Title Menu dissappears. It is supplanted completely by the Chapter Menus. Pushing Chapter One plays the whole film, of course, but it looks kind of ugly to start with the busy chapter pages. If I select “Title Menu Only” from the drop down options that is of course what I get. But no Chapter Menus. The chapters work with remote buttons, but there are no menus. I want my prodiction to have at least the feel of a simple commercial DVD. Is this possible with NVE 3?

What am I missing? Shouldn’t I be able to create both Parent (Title) and Daughter (Chapter) menus. Or have I simply reached the edge of NVE 3’s abilities. I have checked the docs and it sort of glosses over this, which makes me think that this is a shortcoming. On the other hand the programs options seem to indicate this simple structure should be possible.

Perhaps the wise among you would favor me with enlightenment. Searched the forum, but came up with nothing conclusive on this.

Good to be back in the Freak Forums BTW. Learned a lot here. Thanks.