Creating NERO .nri files by script

Hi there,

i would like to burn a list of data files on CD without using the NERO SDK components. So i want to write a VB script to write the file list and settings in a .nri file and then i want start NERO with the .nri file to burn it manually.

Can anyone provide me the description or specification of the .nri file format or even a script in any programming language ?

Thanks a lot !!!


I was attmepting to more automate using nero (some version number 6) and unlike version 5 there was no possibility to write Folder\File directly to Add file dialog only selecting by mouse. So I hoped to using prepared .nri file. Unfortunately I don’t found specification about it and started myself to explore this file.
I found some interesting time formats used in this file. The 64 bit time system is with accuracy10^-7 seonds and is starting with date 01 January 1601 and ended some in year beyond 60000. Howerer only dates in years 1971 to 2019 are represented correctly by Nero Program.
Also there exist for compilation creation and add times an 32 bit time system with accuracy 1 second, starting point 01 January 1970 00:00:00 and end point 07 February 2106 06:28:15.
I still are exploring the contents of .nri file for later cdburn with nero automasition.