Creating My Own Firmware Now

Yes it’s possible…
I stumbled across this forum bout a week ago seen the 52x pic’s
and thought that’s not possible ,maybe they are fake,so i decided to edit them,now i’m thinking hey why dont i make it real,you know flashing the firmware to up the writing speed.
I currently own
liteon 24102b
liteon 401248s(o.c’d to 481248w)
soon as i install the right tool’s dissasembler and source code program’s
i can look at a *.bin file discover what the command’s are
and tweak them,i’ll practise on my old 24x first .look’s like i’m on a mission to determine the maximum performance of a cdrw…dont throw away your 16x it could be a 32x…thnx for reading my post:cool: :cool: :cool:

The Truth Is Out There!!!

I’m glad we have a lunatic among us that is willing to sacrifice his 24x for the cause! :wink:

It suit your nick smartburn :stuck_out_tongue:

If you make some firmware’s & test them then im definately willing to try out firmware that will work for my LTR40125S which is now @ LTR48125W - VS08

So Just gimme a shout if you have a moded firmware for a for a LiteOn to make if faster /better…

And im shure others will too if they prove to make it a better Drive… :bigsmile: