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I am just curious how I can create say 50 DVDs for people for a wedding party. If I have a bunch of AVI video, what’s the best way to do this? IS there hardware that will take 50 DVDs and spin through them like a jukebox and burn them all? Is the avi to DVD conversion pretty straight forward, and what software do you recommend?



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you can purchase a duplication tower, but they can get pricey especially if it’s only a one time thing that you need it for.

it might eb cheaper for you to send the job out to a service to do. create the one dvd then pay someone that has the equipment to duplicate it.

please please please use good quality media. a wedding is so important and people want these discs to be readable after a few years…go with taiyo yuden or verbatim. if you decide to send the work out to be duplicated ASK what they use for media.

as far as converting avi to dvd you have a few options

avi2dvd, winavi, nero vision express among others.

try to do a software search on for avi to dvd and you should get some good software and some good guides as well.


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