Creating multi-session VideoCD

Sorry if this has been addressed before. I did a search using the above title and found nothing. :flower:

I am interested in creating multi-session VideoCDs playable in standalones.
Can Nero do it? if so what is the procedure?(I have read all the help files. :confused: )

If not, which software is best for doing this? :bigsmile:

I think VideoCD is a fixed standard and only allows single-session writing. (The files are converted to MPEG-1, which is rather low-quality, as compared to MPEG-4 /DivX / Xvid; but only the file format isn’t enough to make the CD a Video CD - the Table of Contents needs to be recorded in a certain way. Writing a second session I think changes the ToC, so after that the disc is no longer recognized as a VideoCD).

For the past two years, I believe, the standalones are able to play DivX movies and there it doesn’t matter in how many session you recorded them… so VideoCD, with lower quality and whatever other requirements there are, is swiftly becoming, as far as I can see, obsolete…

Thanks anyway. I thought it might be like that.

Karaoke songs in VCD format is still very big here in Thailand. Only a few percent know what DivX is. I think Thailand will be one of the last bastions of the VCD format.

Oh well I will keep tinkering away on my own.

By the way, do u have any idea how to join the VCD format and CD Audio format in a single CD?


No, I hadn’t thought of that.

But it does sound interesting.