Creating Multi-session CD with XP?

Hi all :bigsmile:,

I need to transfer some data files (incl. mp3 files) to a CD-R from a failing external hard drive. I’d prefer to be able to write to the same CD-R again later, but the only CD-writing capability I have is the built-in XP stuff.

Does Windows XP / Windows Media Player allow you to create a multi-session data CD? If so, how?

If not, is there a free burning program with a VERY small footprint that does? (I have only about 700 MB free space on this tiny mini laptop’s HD.)

With Nero you can create multisession CDs easily, but if you need a quick and easy solution to store files I suggest an USB pendrive. It is a rewritable solution and you don’t need a special software to store data on it.

On a pendrive you can add and delete files as you like, and when you’ll get 700MB of data you can burn a regular CD so no multisession is needed :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=ohhappyday;2488476]Does Windows XP / Windows Media Player allow you to create a multi-session data CD? If so, how?[/QUOTE] The built-in CD burning in Windows XP Explorer will always create a multi-session CD when you drag-and-drop files to a CD, so that files can be added later. It’s not the fastest way to burn files, since Windows XP will copy the files to another temporary location on the harddrive before burning, but it is a simple way of burning.

I’m not sure what Windows Media Player will do if you burn a CD.

If your external HDD is failing, I guess you will be buying a new one.

How about get the new HDD and plug them both into you mini-lappy, and copy all files across?

I´ve just done that with a 250GB drive to a new 300
Set it up and go to bed…job done…no stress


Thanks to all for the advice! I have to use CD-R temporarily because the mini HD is getting worse by day and I don’t want to lose the files on it… and they won’t fit on my Dell mini. (Hitachi will take its sweet time replacing the defective mini HD.)

DrageMester thanks for the info; I wasn’t sure if WMP had its own way of doing things or not, so I’ll use the route you suggested… unless my computer HD doesn’t have enough space to temporarily hold files while burning? Will have to do 'em a few at at time, I guess… good thing it can do multi-session!

geno888, the pen drive sounds like a good option, but Hitachi owes me a new hard drive anyway (this one is only a couple months old! Hope the replacement doesn’t have the same defect…).

(sighs) I need a whole new computer anyway. This one was a gift, but had only 7 GB, most of which was already used up by the OS and essential programs! And it seems to have a memory leak, and isn’t functioning right since yesterday (maybe memory is too low? CPU usage keeps jumping and it keeps freezing up… :confused: But that’s a problem for another thread…) But hey, deanimator, at least it’s black! :wink:

Once solved the problem, you can still use a pendrive for other things, like this for example :slight_smile: