Creating more then one headphone jack/line out with ac97 audio card

I have integrated realtek ac’97 audio on my laptop and I seem to have broken off entirely my headphone jack so I now can’t hear anything out of it. My line in and mic in jacks still work properly and I’ve been told that a line in and mic in jack can’t be converted to a headphone jack or line out because it’s not technically possible but with the ac97 audio configuration program that came with my card when I switch from 4 channel to 6 channel modes it turns the line in to a rear speaker out and the mic in to a center/subwoofer speaker out. Doesn’t this demonstrate the technological capability for me to have more then one headphone jack/line out since I’ve broken the other one off? If this isn’t the proper place for this post I apologize but could someone tell me where I could get help for this then?

How exactly did you break off the headphone jack?

Maybe just buy a new sound card/get it repaired.

From wear and use the metal ring on the outside of hole that the jack goes into just broke off.

If it is part of the motherboard and you are out of warranty, it won’t be a cheap repair–unless you are brave enough to take the laptop apart and try soldering a new cord/jack onto the connections. A cheap USB sound card may be the best replacement.

Agreed with Gamma. They are pretty cheap now-a-days.

Hey, geniuses, how about you answer their question instead of telling them that their last resort MIGHT be possible. Is there software that enables the use of your microphone jack as a line-out?