Creating Mixed Video - Data DVD

I am trying to make a DVD that will store standard DVD type files under the typical Audio and Video directoriers. However I want to also create another dirtectory that will store several data files in this case Adobe PDF files. The idea is that the disc will be placed in any DVD player and run like a normal DVD. Hoewever the movie will make reference to documentation that can be accessed or printed from the data file.

I tried burning this disc using the DVD-files selection under NEro Express. When I try to add the data files, i.e. “Documentation” Folder Nero says that no compatible files were found. However, I can add the DVD Video files as you would expect.

Conversely, if I select Data from Nero Express, the opposite happens. I can add the data files, i.e. “Documentation” folder, but Nero Express issues a warning as follows “You have added DVD-Video content to a compilation type that will not result in a DVD-Video compliant disc. To create disc playable in a standalone DVD-Video Player, please use the DVD-Video compilation type”

So either way Nero Express will not allow me to create a Mixed Video and Data disc that can be used on stand alone DVD players as well as a PC.

Any suggestions as How I can do this would be deeply appreciated?


Using Nero you can (not sure about Express). All you have to do in NERO is to create a DVD-Video compilation and add files off outside the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder. You can even create more folders to hold your other stuff.