Creating mix CD from MP3 files fails on 1 file

I’m trying to make a mix cd and it’s not working everyone I’ve done has worked but everytime I do this using nero/burn/simulate it fails at number 13 I don’t know why it’s just the number 13 what could be wrong?

Cassidy - Can’t Get No Better.mp3
Cassidy - Hotel.mp3
Lethal Bizzle - Forward Riddim.mp3
Lloyd Banks - Warrior Part II Feat. Eminem, 50 Cent and Nate Dogg.mp3
Ludacris - Area Codes.mp3
Ludacris - Rollout.mp3
Ludacris - Stand Up Feat. Shawnna.mp3
Marques Houston - Pop That Booty.mp3
Marques Houston Feat. Joe Budden - Clubbin’.mp3
Marques Houston Feat. Joe Budden - Clubbin’ Remix.mp3
Nelly - My Place.mp3
One Call Away.mp3’.
R Kelly Thoia Thoing.mp3
Usher - Burn.mp3’.
Usher - Confessions Pt II.mp3’.
Usher - Yeah.mp3’.
Welcome to Atlanta Remix.mp3’.

I’ve tried it 13 songs only and it worked 14 and it failed NO IDEA WHY?

That part of your disc is [probably] defective. Try a new disc.

I guess you are using the MP3s as source for the mix cd, right? Well… if something fails on track 13, could it perhaps be that the 13th MP3 is corrupt? You could try to remove that track (track 14 will become 13) and try a simulated burn. If it works out, it must be the MP3 that’s causing troubles. If not, something “fishy” is going on.

For the case that the MP3 is defective: you may want to try to convert the MP3 to a WAV file first. This can be done by numerous programs. Papayatech Tunespark (free) can do this for you. Then, use the WAV file as source instead of the MP3 file…