Creating Menus and chapters for DVDs

I am trying o find the best software that enables you to EASILY create menus and chapters for your DVD’s.

Someone has recommended an Adobe package to me. Would people agree this is possibly the best out there?

Well, Adobe packages are very good, but they costs also very much.

You can create menus and chapters with softwares like DVD Lab Pro, not free but anyway more affordable than Adobe packages :iagree:

cheers. The DVD Lab Pro tricky to use? or is it straight forward?

I’m reading reviews etc now, but guess you gotta get it right before you buy it

Maybe is not so easy to use. There is available a trial version, so you can work a little and then decide if buy or not.

Maybe you might want to look at Gui for dvdauthor It’s free and pretty easy to figure out.

Exactly that one, and it’s free.