Creating .mdf files

I have created an .iso file for a game i am playing but even with antiblah and daemon tools it wont work…my friend has the game in . mdf format and works great…how do i create, extract, or whatever .mdf or .mds files?

Thanks for any and all help!

MDF and MDS files are created by Alcohol 120%

Basicly the MDF file is the game and the MDS file contains information for burning.

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thanks for the help…i created and mdf using alcohol but even with antiblah on it still request “the original cd”…using daemon tools for virtual cd…what am i missing?


It could be the wrong profile selected or your burner.

Please give the name of the game and your burner details.

game is battlefront 2…burner details? havent burned to a cd or dvd…trying to load via daemon tools…sorry, new at this so forgive if i overlook what may seem obvious…thanks for your help!

Opps, by burner I meant your CD or DVD drive as it can make a huge difference.

The game you speak of contains SecuROM v7 copy protections. Be careful what you do here because you can end up blacklisting Alcohol 120% and Daemon tools.

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There are several copy protections that blacklist Alcohol and the copied games don’t play. Safedisk 4 seems( and it isn’t the only one) to blacklist the driver’s names. This can be anticipated with installing in expert mode and changing the drivers names from a347bus and a347scsi to xxxxbus and xxxxscsi( x= whatever you like).
The later versions of Securom do the same but, at least the more recent ones, need a registry fix for the blacklisting to be bypassed which is available in the Alcohol’s 120 % Customer’s Forum. To acess this forum you must have a legit copy of Alcohol 120%.

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