Creating ISO (not NRG) in Nero 6.3

Using the full retail Nero Burning Ultra Edition, ver. I can create NRG image files, but not ISO format image files, despite advice from Nero’s tech support. I want copy CDs to ISO images, so friends with other burning software can use my images.

My procedure:
start Nero Burning
pick “Image Recorder” in dropdown menu in tool bar
click New Compilation
in New Compilation window, pick “CD Copy” in task list at left

Now “Checking disk [copy 1]” comes up and
“Save Image File”, where I am ONLY given the option “Image Files (*.nrg)” in the drop-down list.

The answer Nero tech support gave me is of no help:

Please select the Image Recorder and start a normal copy process. If
you copy a data CD or DVD, you will be able to select the ISO as file

Can anyone here help? I was able to make ISO images in Nero 5, but am stumped with version 6. Nothing in the archives here seems to address this question with version 6.

i think the anser they gave you is correct, that only if the file is data (not audio, vcd etc) you can make a ISO, what type of disc is it you are trying to make a ISO for?
nero 6.3 has limeted image-making capacities, i recomend UltraISO for making a ISO from a disc.

hope this explains it,

ben :slight_smile:

Thanks for suggesting UltraISO, which I have tried and found excellent. However, Nero 6.3 seems totally unable to produce ISO files on my two computers. I have tried this exclusively with data CDs, some bootable, most not. In no case did Nero offer to allow an ISO format for the image file. This is a minor annoyance, however, now that I have UltraISO. I really think something was broken since the 6.0 Nero, which I believe I used to make ISO files. Certainly I used version 5.x for this purpose successfully.

Thanks again.


I suspect that NRG files and ISO files are the same thing. Reason: my old RedHat 6.2 PC is able to mount NRG images as iso9660 filesystems without complaining.

So just create the NRG file, rename it as ISO, and try reading it from another application.


ISO and NRG files may be functionally equivalent, but they certainly are not identical. I just made several images of a disc using Nero 6.3, MagicISO, LCISO, and UltraISO and got these results:

g:\my_isos estisos>md5 .
MD5 (LCISOT~1.ISO) = 9cd75bd624f048b4a0b43202bf31a1d4
MD5 (MAGICI~1.ISO) = 9cd75bd624f048b4a0b43202bf31a1d4
MD5 (NEROTEST.NRG) = 3c8b44d4eb8fa2b14f1eb0f7e6615ebe
MD5 (ULTRAI~1.ISO) = 9cd75bd624f048b4a0b43202bf31a1d4

g:\my_isos estisos>*dir /x

Volume in drive G is G_8100 Serial number is EDEB:B34C
Directory of G:\MY_ISOS\TestISOs*

10/07/2004 8:47 7,008,256 LCISOT~1.ISO LCISOtest.iso
10/07/2004 8:49 7,008,256 MAGICI~1.ISO MagicisoTEST.iso
10/07/2004 8:44 7,315,612 NEROTEST.NRG NeroTest.nrg
10/07/2004 8:46 7,008,256 ULTRAI~1.ISO UltraISOTEST.iso

Note that that all ISOs of the disc made by the three programs were identical in size and md5 hash but that the Nero NRG file was considerably larger, and obviously, different.

Very interesting, maybe NRG files have those extra bytes at the end of the file and that’s why Linux is able to interpret the image.

What is more interesting is that you can write ISO images with Nero 6.3. Here is how:

Select menu “Recorder” and then “Choose Recorder”
Another window will open, displaying all the available recording devices. One of them is called “Image recorder”. Select that one and click OK.
Now you can create your image and “burn” it as either NRG or ISO.

In short, with “real” recorders you can burn only NRG files. With the “virtual” recorder you have also the ISO option. Sadly, this seems not to work to copy the entire CD to an image image. If your disk has only one session, you can do a “save track” as ISO, but if it is a multisession CD this won’t be good.

If you try this, the MD5 sum should be the same as the images created with the other applications.

create iso image from cd with nero: launch nero burning rom. cancel wizard if it shows. press F9. choose recorder/ok. from the Output file format dropdown choose ISO. choose a location, click GO.

or, launch nero express. choose More/Save Tracks…go through same proceedure as above.

burn iso with nero: from nero burning rom click on Recorder/burn image. navigate to your iso, doubleclick it…

changing file extensions may work somethimes for some files (i.e. renaming a mp3 a wma may work with some players), but it is definatly much better to make a iso in the first plce as the interenat structure is likely to be very different, try making a nrg and a iso with exactly the same files and volume label, then open each with a hex editor.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. personaly i see little room for iso files in the world now, they are difficult to compress, therefore large, and cant store any more disc info than the volume label (making them useless for backing up games), i think that mds/mds or ccd/img for games and zip or rar for files is a much better way :slight_smile:

Little room for ISO files? It is very unlikely that Suse, RedHat, Debian and all the other Linux distributions will stop releasing their software as downloadable CD images.


Either you are not running Nero Burning version, or you are missing my point in my initial post (#1 on this thread). I simply am not offered the ISO choice of format now, nor does F9 have any effect. I am increasingly thinking that there were some significant changes between 6.0.xx and the present (I have made ISOs using 6.0.x.x)

In my Post #1, I give explicit details of my procedure. If, using, you can follow these exact steps and be offered the choice of ISO format, I would certainly like to know. I have just run these steps on another computer with, and there, too, I am only offered the NRG option.

Is the source CD compatible with ISO format? - Single session data, that is ALL, not multisession, not audio.


Yes, single-session, all data, no audio.

For example, I just tried making an image of the original MS Windows XP Professional installation disc. Result: Nero only offered me the option of NRG format in the drop-down list.

Given that I have this same behavior on two different computers, both running Nero, I really suspect that something is wrong with this version. With 6.0.?.? I did successfully make ISO-format image files.

The problem is using “CD Copy”. If you use CD-ROM as the type of compilation and drag the files to the destination window, when you burn, both ISO and NRG will be available. And yes I’m using


my way works, your way doesn’t. either you want to create an iso or you don’t. the reason you get no iso choice is because your procedure is wrong.

yes, sure, ok, but other than cds that need to be bootable (or a few other rare formats) what use does ISO have? there are lots of other (smaller) formats that can do this and more. guess its like mp3, however long people go on about the latest “lossless” format for, we all know that so much stuff is in mp3 it will take years to change. i think mp3 was inviented over 10 years ago, am i right?

ben :slight_smile:


Please clarify, are you running version, or not?

If not, stop.
If yes, kindly please look at post #1 and say exactly where my procedure is incorrect.


as soon as you choose “Image Recorder” Nero will only give a choice of save as NRG. read the help file !


Well, you know something Nero Tech Support doesn’t, since on 5 Oct. 2004, they responded with this email:

Subject: Re: [Web Support Request] Nero 6 - Case-Info:[nxHM3uGMBjk=]

Dear Mr. xxxxx

thank you very much for your e-mail.

Please select the Image Recorder and start a normal copy process. If
you copy a data CD or DVD, you will be able to select the ISO as file


Furthermore, in my full Nero Burning Ultimate edition, the Help file does not appear to say anything about NRG or ISO choices for Image Recorder. This is true in the two entries most applicable, “Creating an Image File”, and "How do I create an image file?, as well as the lessor entries I have consulted.

I say again, are you running