Creating iso image


now that my cd copying programm is able to copy several kinds of CDs/DVDs with TAO and DAO mode, I wanted to extend it to do audio/data CD mastering.
I think audio is not that much difficult, but dealing with iso images seems to be so.

My first attempts to burn some .jpg files were quite frustrating :a .
Does anybody know a good code example (c/c++) or at least a tutorial
to create an iso image from data stored on harddisc.

Any help appreciated!

Thanx in advance

Have a Look Here , Hope you find usefull stuff there .

And a few other links that might help you:

Get the “ECMA-119.pdf”, spec for ISO 9660. And you might want to look at the various “extensions” also on that page.

Writing your own ISO9660 + extensions image builder is quite a big task. Even if you follow the spec to the letter, you will find anomalies and only by testing toughly. My own code is a 92K of C++ file with a 15K header file. So if you can use the available open source projects do.

If you end up writing your own, a tip is to use something like Nero Imagedrive to test. Build an ISO image then use Nero Imagedrive to load it as a drive, if it doesn’t load or some folder/file is wrong when you open it, you know something is wrong.

Hi persiankitty, hi Gav,

thanx for your replies!
I’ll check your links, but as you say, it’s a lot of work!
Some month go i started diggin in the mmc drafts to do my own copying program from
scratch and since I usually program rather small micros in embedded controls this was
hard work for me, too.
So I will take step by step!

Thanx once more