Creating ISO image from existing CD-ROM

I want to create an ISO image from an existing CD-ROM. I figure I could do it by using the “Copy” feature but choose “image recorder” as the burner. All seem to be OK but when it comes to “Save Image File”, the only file format available from the “Save as type” drop down menu is .nrg.
FYI. I have already selected “Enable all supported recorder formats for the Image Recorder” option under File->Options->ExpertFeatures.
Also, it appears that if compile a new CD-ROM using files on my file system, I can create an ISO and the file type .iso is available. So it’s just when I do a copy, I can’t burn it via the image recorder and save it as an .iso image.
Any clue?
I am using Nero

There are better tools available for the purpose of creating an ISO image from disc.

One such free tool I can recommend is ImgBurn in “Read Mode”.

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