Creating ISO from ripped files



I would like to put flipper discs onto one DVD-r using dvd2one. I’ve ripped the movies with dvd encrypter and edited them using ifoedit. The current files are ready to burn but I would like to make an ISO image that I can mount on daemon virtual dvd player and transcode both using the JOIN method with dvd2one. I have magiciso but have not figured out how to create an iso file that is read by power dvd and can be joined together on one disc. Do I have the right software with magiciso or do I need a different one. Any help would be great.


if you have nero,try opening Nero Burning rom then hitting the “DVD-ROM(ISO)” button and then add the files you want.It will be an .nrg file but it should be recognized by software player.If it’s the player,then use Quicktime Alternative.It’s free and plays all formats.



I don’t know how much this will help, but I asked a similar question on doom9 three days ago. See the link here:

Basically, I wanted to know how to convert DVD files to ISOs. The short answer: ImgTool Classic. Hope this helps.



If you are already familiar, or want to learn, a free program DVD Shrink. You can use it just to take a VIDEO_TS directory and backup as an ISO. (of course many people use this program to re-author main movie, or transcode, etc)

Otherwise, try imgtools classic, or commercial burning program as was mentioned above, Nero and others.


Like the above users have said, IMGTool Classic is great for creating .iso files. I use it and DVD Decrypter to burn instead of Nero. Some also claim it’s a more “compatible” burn by doing it this way. Only takes approx 6 or 7 minutes to create an .iso file.


i vote for imgtool classic as well. the “compatibility” reason for using it is that it uses the proper filesystem for dvd video (some iso creators don’t create isos using the UDF filesystem).


The IMGTOOL worked great. It is basically a plug in to my nero wich I’ve used for years. Thanks for the great advice. :o


ImgTool BURN is a plugin to Nero, ImgTool Classic (which people mentioned here) is NOT a plugin to Nero.


Hey. Sorry to interrupt this topic. I just have simple question I need an answer for.

I have dvd i want to burn. I have the VIDEO_TS folder and the AUDIO_TS folder. I want to make an iso file out of these vob, bup and ifo’s. Im using ImgTool Classic. I have about 45gb of free space on my hd. Everytime i try to make an iso i run out of space and end up with a non-working 45gb iso file. Is this normal? If not, whats wrong? ImgTool is using about an hour or so before I run out of space. Do i need more space or am I doing something wrong?


Doing something wrong, for sure. Need more information, though.
Just to clarify, and no offense. :wink:

The AUDIO_TS folder should be empty. The VIDEO_TS folder should hold all the DVD files. Both these should be in another folder. It’s the last one at which you should point ImgTool Classic.

Is this a pressed, bought disc (decrypted, right?) or a DVD you authored yourself? Try to open the VIDEO_TS in DVDShrink, if there are authoring problems, it should give you an error. Holler back.



Are you pointing it at the folder containing the AUDIO_TS + VIDEO_TS folders? I assume this ‘folder’ isnt the ‘root’ of your drive?

If it’s growing to 45gb, you’re certainly making an image out of a lot more than just those two folders.


Damn. I know what I was doing wrong now. I had the video_ts folder on my hd along with many other folders. Forgot to put it in a subfolder. Im a shithead. Thanks anyway


yo LIGHTNING UK! i just found out your DVD Decrypter site was banned sad day i loved useing your app thanks for everything


Sorry I did a Google search but can’t find a link to download

ImgTool to make from my VOB and INF files an ISO

could someone point me to one working link ?



You must be horrible at using Google because I searched for “imgtool” and the first link was to the official ImgTool homepage.


I prefer PgcEdit over ImgTool. Just open the DVD, press the burn button and you’re done.


Just found this thread - can I get a couple of questions confirmed?

  • If I want to rip a DVD to my hdd, I use ImgBurn?
  • If I want to copy a DVD (and compress it in the process), I use ImgBurn
  • If I want to burn a DVD from IFOs/BUPs on my hdd, I use ImgTool and ImgBurn?

… and I no longer need DVD Shrink?


> [I]If I want to rip a DVD to my hdd, I use ImgBurn?[/I]

No. ImgBurn as its name suggests is an image burning application. It is not a ripper.

> [I]If I want to copy a DVD (and compress it in the process), I use ImgBurn[/I]

No. It isn’t a compressor either.

> [I]If I want to burn a DVD from IFOs/BUPs on my hdd, I use ImgTool and ImgBurn?[/I]

Yes, if you wish to and assuming that you also have the relevant vobs.

> [I]and I no longer need DVD Shrink?[/I]

Well you will unless you use a different compressor.


ahh ok thanks for that.

So I use a combo of ImgTool/Burn to make/burn images ONLY.

I’ll continue to use DVDShrink, have had no problems thus far. I can also use ImgTool/Burn to make and burn images of what I’ve ripped to HDD with DVDShrink…


no need since dvd shrink will make images for you…